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Our Values


Not only do we lather our toasties in butter, we also operate with BUTTER in mind every single day. Below you will find our 6 core values, that best communicate who we are and what we do;



We want everyone that enters the Toastie Lords family to feel as though they belong. Our people are at the heart of our company and we acknowledge we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them. We are always striving to create an inclusive and empowering culture where everyone feels valued.



Nobody is perfect and we are definitely not claiming to be. We take pride in
being transparent about our weaknesses, strengths, goals and direction. We have always
operated with transparency in mind, not only towards our teammates and customers, but most
importantly to ourselves.



We work with excellence in mind at all times and apply it to every area of our company. We serve excellent toasties. We provide excellent customer service. We give our franchise partners excellent support. We encourage all employees to be the most excellent versions of themselves. Excellence should never be forgotten or tossed to the side.



When we began operating in 2021, one of our main goals was to be unique. Not only did we want a unique offering, but also to operate with a unique business model and unique
attitude. We are proud of the fact we do things differently, and we never fear straying from the
traditional hospitality path.



As a team we are greater than the sum of our parts. All members of the Toastie
Lords family bring something unique and special to the table. When we work together we are unstoppable, and as a company this is where we thrive.



All our past decisions, moves, and choices have led us to where we are today. Not only do mistakes happen, they are inevitable. We are not defined by these mistakes, but how we learn them. Reflection provides opportunity for growth and therefore should never be feared or

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